Clean green energy

For a sustainable transition to an electrified society


The blue economy is the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth. Hexicon is determined to become a major supplier of clean, green energy, needed to transform, and electrify our society. Renewable energy is one of many activities that are crucial for the blue economy to thrive.


The ocean is a source of abundant life and deep intrinsic value, warranting great care and stewardship. Our approach is founded in deep respect for the many incumbent users of the ocean, including the inherent nature and wildlife. In collaboration and coexistence with local and national stakeholders such as fisheries, environmental groups and military etc. Hexicon is determined to do our very best to maintain and improve the health of our oceans. Hexicon is aware of the human intrusion on ocean ecosystems and just like the collaboration with our stakeholders, Hexicon seeks to act in coexistence with the ocean, respecting its needs and behavior.





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Partnership development, collaboration and problem solving on equal terms are an important part of achieving this and Hexicon aims to be the trusted partner and employer to ensure sustainability in all aspects of our business. We believe that collaboration can unleash innovative ways of working, mobilizing expertise and spark creativity. The energy industry has great experience in managing long-lived, large capital projects and is well positioned to participate in the sustainable offshore wind business, and that is also why we partner with traditional oil- and gas companies. Together we can create the shift from fossil energy to renewables.


To ensure fair acting within the industry, we have set high requirements for all our suppliers and partners. We fully comply with applicable competition laws and related regulations in the countries in which we operate, and we do not tolerate any activity that violates these laws and regulations. There is no tolerance to any corrupt behavior, whether local law allows such acts or not.

We believe in diversity in all aspects. It helps us to challenge norms and achieve success together. As the case in the whole industry, Hexicon’s stands in front of a shift considering the traditional unequal distribution between male and female employees and managers. However, Hexicon is actively seeking to reach a higher degree of diversity, and doing so through recruitment, developing employee competencies and promotions.

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