Nomination committee appointed in Hexicon

In accordance with the principles adopted by the Extraordinary General Meeting on 31 March 2021, Hexicon has appointed the nomination committee ahead of the Annual General Meeting 2022.

According to the principles, the nomination committee shall be comprised of the chairman of the board and three other members to be appointed by the three largest shareholders by votes at the end of the third quarter.

The nomination committee ahead of the AGM 2022 comprises:

  • Richard Haraldsson (appointed by Gulfstream Group)
  • Sanja Batljan (appointed by Ilija Batljan Invest)
  • Patrik Jönsson (appointed by SEB Trygg Liv)
  • Arne Almerfors (Chairman of the board)

A shareholder who wishes to submit a proposal to the nomination committee shall do this by a written request to the following address: Hexicon, Attn: Nomination committee, Tegelbacken 4, 111 52 Stockholm.

The AGM will be held in Stockholm on 12 May 2022.