Ireland has a potential of at least 30 GW of offshore wind and are committed to deploy at least 5 GW by 2030, in order to deliver on the promise to generate 80% of electricity demand from renewable energy by 2030. Ireland has some of the world’s best wind resources with wind speeds over 10 m/s, together with the vast continental shelf Ireland also has a lot of area with perfect bathymetry for floating wind. GWEC has highlighted Ireland as one of the Top 5 emerging markets for offshore wind.
First ever stakeholder collaborative partnership to establish floating offshore wind power project off North West of Ireland

Historic collaboration in ‘new approach’


Floating wind energy is experiencing exponential growth globally and Irish waters are exceptionally well-suited for the emerging technology which will likely rival, or even replace fixed bottom offshore wind as the leading offshore wind technology. The global expansion of offshore windfarms is however often a concern for fishing communities and cause for conflict. In that context and to ensure cooperation between the industries, the Killybegs Fishermen’s Organisation, Sinbad Marine Services and Hexicon are joining forces to create a ‘new approach’ for the development of floating wind projects. This is the first time in offshore wind that key players from several fundamentally opposed sectors have come together to collaborate on a project with a common objective.


The importance of cooperation

Successfull development


In order to deliver a ‘new approach’ which underpins a resilient fishing industry while simultaneously generating new opportunities for coastal communities, the KFO and local marine service provider, Sinbad Marine Services opened the door for discussions with Hexicon, who shared their values. To successfully develop the wind resource off the North West coast of Ireland requires a port with the necessary skills on tap to grow a local supply chain as well as a proven ability to service offshore infrastructure projects. Geographically, the port of Killybegs is also ideally placed to service the offshore energy sector with a proven track record in marine engineering services. It is the only dedicated Blue Economy Marine Cluster in Ireland. The Memorandum of Understanding with Hexicon to involves the development of up to 2 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy off the North West of Ireland, approximately 50 kilometres from the Donegal coast.


Cooperation with stakeholders has always been a driving force within Hexicon. From its first projects in Scotland and South Korea, the company recognised the importance of working with fishing communities. Those experiences have subsequently underpinned Hexicon’s understanding of the concerns of other important stakeholders, especially environmental. This approach has led to a perfect alignment with the KFO’s “New Approach” for a partnership model for excellence in project development.


Julius Molzahn

Chief Project Officer

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