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Karin Ljung is leaving her position as CFO of Hexicon AB (publ)

Hexicon's CFO, Karin Ljung, has chosen to end her employment for new challenges outside the company at her own request. The process of finding a replacement has begun, and Karin Ljung will remain as the company's CFO until July 2023.

"Karin has been a highly valued and committed colleague during her time at Hexicon. As CFO, she has played an important role, and I have personally had a very good collaboration with her. I am grateful for everything she has contributed to the company, particularly her important work in building structures and processes," says Marcus Thor, CEO of Hexicon.

For further information, please contact:
Marcus Thor, CEO
+46 73 924 44 93

Jonna Holmgren, Head of Communication
+46 70 888 05 02

Karin Ljung lÀmnar sin tjÀnst som CFO för Hexicon AB (publ)

Hexicons CFO, Karin Ljung, har pÄ egen begÀran valt att avsluta sin anstÀllning för nya utmaningar utanför bolaget. Processen med att hitta en ersÀttare har pÄbörjats och Karin Ljung kommer att kvarstÄ som bolagets CFO till juli 2023.

– Karin har varit en mycket uppskattad och engagerad kollega under sin tid pĂ„ Hexicon. Som CFO har hon haft en viktig roll i företaget och jag har personligen haft ett mycket bra samarbete med henne. Jag Ă€r tacksam för allt hon bidragit med till verksamheten, sĂ€rskilt hennes viktiga arbete med att bygga upp strukturer och processer, sĂ€ger Marcus Thor, CEO pĂ„ Hexicon

För ytterligare information kontakta:
Marcus Thor, CEO
+46 73 924 44 93

Jonna Holmgren, Head of Communication
+46 70 888 05 02


“During the second half of 2022 we have invested heavily into our project portfolio and have now transitioned over to the second stage of our business plan. This stage includes partial divestments of selected projects and recycling capital. We secured a convertible loan of 82.5 MSEK in November to support our transition into this next phase. Significant milestones have been achieved in our project portfolio, paving the way for successful sales of the more mature assets and positioning us for further growth.”

· Net revenue amounted to 1.8 (6.1) MSEK
· Operating profit/loss was -41.5 (-15.0) MSEK
· Profit/loss before tax for the period was -46.6 (-17.4) MSEK
· Earnings per share basic and diluted was -0.13 (-0.05) SEK
· Cash flow from operating activities was -17.2 (-11.5) MSEK
· At the end of the period the cash at hand amounted to 86.6 (289.6) MSEK
· ITALY: AvenHexicon obtained priority rights over two water areas, totaling 2,550 MW, in Italy to develop floating wind farms. The two offshore areas are now prioritised for development. AvenHexicon now has one of the biggest floating wind pipelines in the country.
· HEXICON: Secured bridge financing to enter the next phase – carried out directed issues of convertibles totaling SEK 82.5 million.
· SOUTH KOREA: Vestas was selected as preferred supplier for the 1,300 MW MunmuBaram project. It is the most mature large-scale project within Hexicon’s portfolio, with the potential to become one of the largest floating wind farms in the world.
· TECHNOLOGY ROADMAP: The European Patent Office (EPO) announced its intention to grant Hexicon’s patent application for its unique mooring system using "Tension Leg Platform" technology for the TwinWindℱ.
· ITALY: Italian TSO, Terna SpA, has granted six of AvenHexicon’s seven wind power sites connection to the national grid. The six sites encompass a total combined capacity of 7,100 MW.
· TAIWAN: Partnership secured with IX Wind to provide services for the development and construction of a 1,300+ MW floating offshore wind project in Taiwan.


Floating wind is gaining momentum globally, with large scale deployment taking place in various countries and regions. A rapid expansion is foreseen to 2030 and beyond and I am confident that Hexicon is well positioned for success. The scalability of floating offshore wind as a renewable energy source continues to be a key factor, and this quarter contained progress of floating wind policies. Of note, the United States conducted its first deep-water auction in California, and Portugal recently opened multiple deep-water areas along its coastline, eyeing 10 GW by 2030.

The path to growth. During the second half of 2022 we have invested heavily into our project portfolio and have now transitioned over to the second stage of our business plan. This stage includes partial divestments of selected projects and recycling capital. We secured a convertible loan of 82.5 MSEK in November to support our transition into this next phase. Significant milestones have been achieved in our project portfolio, paving the way for successful sales of the more mature assets and positioning us for further growth.

Tripled capacity in the Italian portfolio. Europe is expected to have the largest installation of floating wind by 2030. Our operations in Italy have progressed at a rapid pace, with AvenHexicon obtaining priority rights for two large water areas totalling 2,550 MW and securing grid connections for 7,100 MW. This of course strengthens our position in the rapidly expanding European market.

South Korea is taking the lead in Asia. One of the key projects we have invested heavily in is the MunmuBaram project in South Korea. During the period, the project entered into a preferred turbine supplier agreement with Vestas, which includes the supply and installation of 84 units of the V236-15.0 MW turbine. This state-of-the-art machine from Vestas holds 115-meter blades and a swept rotor area equivalent to 6 soccer fields and represents the first-ever large scale floating offshore wind project for Vestas.

The Advancement of the Technology Roadmap. The TwinWindℱ technology represents a game changer in the field of wind energy, as it allows for two turbines to be installed on a single foundation. This innovative approach offers cost savings and reduces the impact on the environment and surrounding activities. To date, the development of TwinWindℱ has progressed through numerical analyses and physical testing using down-scaled models. The final step in this verification process, the full-scale installation offshore, will be achieved through the TwinHub project in England, which currently is being pushed forward towards final investment decision (FID) end of 2023. In addition to the TwinHub project, we are committed to strengthening our IP portfolio. We recently reached a major milestone when the European Patent Office (EPO) announced its intention to grant our patent application for a unique mooring system that combines a tension leg platform type mooring system with our floating foundation. This mooring solution is particularly well-suited for areas with sensitive seabed where the footprint needs to be kept to a minimum.

I am excited to have progressed to the next stage of Hexicon’s journey, which involves selectively divesting some of our projects. I am confident that this will support our growth and shorten the lead-time to profitability. We remain committed to investing in our projects, technology, and personnel to ensure our continued success.

Marcus Thor
Wednesday, at 13:00 CET, the company’s CEO Marcus Thor will provide an update of the operations in a webcast.
Link to the webcast:
The report will be available for download at:

Invitation to Hexicon’s presentation of the year-end report for 2022 on February 23, 2023

On February 23 at 08:00 CET, Hexicon AB (publ) will publish its year-end report for 2022. On the same day at 13:00 CET, the company’s CEO Marcus Thor will provide an update on the operations in a webcast. There will also be an opportunity to ask written questions through the webcast.

The report will be available for download at:

The webcast starts at 13:00 CET and will be held in English.

Link to the webcast:

No advance notification is necessary. After the presentation, a recording of the webcast will be available at

Inbjudan till Hexicons presentation av bokslutskommuniké för 2022 den 23 februari 2023

Den 23 februari klockan 08.00 CET publicerar Hexicon AB (publ) sin bokslutskommuniké för 2022. Samma dag klockan 13.00 CET ger bolagets VD Marcus Thor en verksamhetsuppdatering via webbsÀndning. Det kommer Àven finnas möjlighet att stÀlla skriftliga frÄgor mot slutet av webbsÀndningen.

Rapporten kommer att finnas tillgÀnglig pÄ:

WebbsÀndningen börjar klockan 13.00 CET och kommer hÄllas pÄ engelska.

LÀnk till webbsÀndningen:

Ingen föranmÀlan krÀvs. Efter presentationen kommer en inspelad version av sÀndningen finnas tillgÀnglig pÄ

Hexicon inleder partnerskap med IX Wind för att utveckla flytande vind i Taiwan

Hexicon har ingÄtt ett partnerskap med det globala konsult- och EPC-bolaget IX Wind för att utveckla och bygga flytande havsvindprojekt i Taiwan. Samarbetet avser ett projekt pÄ 1 300 MW och omfattar projektledning, rÄdgivning och tjÀnster för byggkonstruktion.

IX Wind Àr en del av konsultbolaget IX Renewables som varit verksamt i Taiwan sedan 2012 och delaktiga i att bygga landets allra första havsvindprojekt. Med partnerskapets kombination av lokal kÀnnedom och expertis inom havsvindutveckling siktar man pÄ en potentiell driftsÀttning av projektet redan 2028. Hexicon bedriver verksamhet pÄ den taiwanesiska marknaden genom sitt joint venture-bolag, Hexicon Korea.

"Vi ser fram emot att samarbeta med Hexicon i det hÀr projektet", sÀger Eric Kamphues, VD pÄ IX Wind. "Hexicon har en bevisad förmÄga att i samarbete med stora aktörer sÀkra stora projekt, och vi Àr övertygade om att vÄr kombinerade expertis kommer att bidra till en framgÄngsrik utveckling av flytande vind i Taiwan."

"Vi Àr mycket glada över partnerskapet med IX Wind och ser fram emot att arbeta tillsammans för att leda utvecklingen av flytande vind globalt", sÀger Steve Seo, Landschef pÄ Hexicon Korea. "Partnerskapet ger oss en möjlighet att kombinera vÄr expertis inom flytande havsvind med IX Winds globala erfarenhet och engagemang för Taiwans vindkraftutveckling."

Detta partnerskap möjliggör en fortsatt expansion av Hexicons verksamhet och Àr ett steg mot att förverkliga Taiwans mÄl att generera 4 GW av el frÄn havsbaserad vindkraft vid 2030.

Hexicon and IX Wind Join Forces for Taiwan’s Floating Wind Market

International developer Hexicon and IX Wind have teamed up to provide services for the development and construction of a 1,300+ MW floating offshore wind project in Taiwan. The partnership, secured in December 2022, will offer project management, consultancy and engineering services to the project.

As a first-mover project developer in floating wind and a technology provider, Hexicon operates in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America, and has 17,000 MW gross project portfolio in development through various partnerships. IX Wind, part of the IX Renewables group and an international consultancy and EPC-Management company, has over 15 years of experience in the renewable energy sector and has been active in Taiwan since 2012, contributing to the successful completion of the country's first offshore wind project. With the combination of local knowledge and expertise in offshore wind development, this joint venture is poised for success, with commissioning for the project potentially starting as early as 2028.

“With Hexicon, we have found a knowledgeable and strong partner in this emerging floating wind market,” said Eric Kamphues, CEO of IX Wind. “Their track record of securing floating offshore wind projects in cooperation with large players is a testament to their expertise. Furthermore, there may be opportunities to implement their patented TwinWindℱ foundations in the future.”

Steve Seo, Managing Director of HexiconKorea, added: "We are excited to be entering the Taiwanese market with IX Wind who has been committed to Taiwan for a long time by providing international expertise and cultivating local talent for the offshore wind sector.  Our joint venture represents a significant step forward in the transition to sustainable energy and demonstrates our joint commitment to leading the way in floating wind development on a global scale."

Hexicon granted permits to connect 7,100 MW of floating wind to the national grid in Italy

Italian TSO, Terna SpA, has granted six of Hexicon’s seven wind power sites connection to the national grid. The six sites encompass a total combined capacity of 7,100 MW. Permit for the remaining site is still in process.

Hexicon, operating in Italy through its joint venture AvenHexicon, now has a portfolio of seven development sites for floating wind along the coasts of Sardinia, Sicily and Puglia. Grid connections were applied for in 2022 and Terna has now issued the technical solution to connect six of the seven locations to the national grid – a total combined capacity of 7,100 MW. 
The interconnection permit, also called STMG, is a preliminary agreement from Terna to provide interconnection capacity. It provides a commitment from the TSO to make the necessary capacity available to be connected to the grid and is a mandatory step to receive the main authorization (the so called “Autorizzazione Unica” or “AU”) to build and operate an offshore wind farm. The grid connection solutions are issued for six offshore wind farms under development off the coasts of Sardinia, Sicily and the mainland, in Puglia. The grid connection application for the remaining wind site is currently being processed and is expected to come through shortly. 

“The progress is moving at record speed, which speaks for Italy's ambition to develop renewables in the country. Having the grid connection ready is yet another milestone passed, and one which significantly increases the value of each project,”, says Alberto Dalla Rosa, CEO at AvenHexicon. 
The Italian government signaled early on an ambition to take measures to speed up the processes for renewable energy projects, to faster cut dependence on Russian gas. With a vast coastline and excellent wind resources, especially in the deep waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy has a strong potential for floating wind. GWEC has highlighted the country as one of the top five emerging markets for offshore wind. The country is aiming to generate 55% of its total electricity generation from renewables by 2030. 

Hexicon fÄr ansluta 7 100 MW flytande vind i Italien

Italiens stamnÀtsansvariga Terna SpA har beviljat ansökningar för nÀtanslutning av sex av Hexicons sju projekt för flytande vindkraft i landet. Tillsammans omfattar de sex projekten en installerad effekt pÄ 7 100 MW. TillstÄnd för det ÄterstÄende projektet vÀntas inom kort.

Hexicon, vars verksamhet i Italien drivs i joint venture-bolaget AvenHeixcon, har idag en projektportfölj omfattande sju parker för flytande vindkraft utanför Sardinien, Sicilien och Apulien. Ansökningarna för stamnÀtsanslutning lÀmnades in under 2022 och nu har Terna, Italiens systemansvarige för stamnÀtet, beviljat anslutningstillstÄnd för sex av projekten, som tillsammans omfattar 7 100 MW i installerad effekt.
TillstÄnden innebÀr att Terna förbinder sig att tillgÀngliggöra den nödvÀndiga kapaciteten för nÀtanslutning och Àr ett obligatoriskt steg för den slutliga koncessionen för att bygga och driva en vindkraftpark till havs. Ansökan för tillstÄndet för den sjunde parken Àr fortfarande under handlÀggning och förvÀntas godkÀnnas inom kort.

"Processen har hittills gÄtt i rekordfart och det visar pÄ Italiens höga ambition att bygga ut den förnybara energiproduktionen. Beskedet Àr Ànnu en milstolpe i projektens utveckling och ökar pÄtagligt vÀrdet", sÀger Alberto Dalla Rosa, VD för AvenHexicon.

Den italienska regeringen Àr tydlig med mÄlsÀttningen att öka takten i tillstÄndsprocesserna för förnybara energikÀllor, för att snabbare bryta beroendet av rysk gas. Med en lÄng kustlinje och goda vindresurser, i synnerhet över Medelhavets djupa vatten, har Italien betydande potential för flytande vind. Global Wind Energy Council framhÄller landet som en av de fem frÀmsta tillvÀxtmarknaderna för havsbaserad vind. Italien har som mÄl att 55 procent av den totala elproduktionen ska komma frÄn förnybara energikÀllor 2030.

Europeiska patentverket planerar att bevilja ytterligare patent till Hexicons TwinWindℱ teknik

Europeiska patentverket (EPO) har meddelat sin avsikt att bevilja patent för Hexicons unika förankringsteknik ”Tension Leg Platform” (TLP). Förankringstekniken Ă€r en del av TwinWindℱ tekniken som fick europeiskt patent för sina lutande torn redan förra Ă„ret. EPO:s senaste beslut innebĂ€r att Hexicon kommer kunna fĂ„ validerade patent för förankringstekniken i alla europeiska lĂ€nder.

EPO har beslutat att Hexicons patentansökan möter de kriterier som krÀvs för en godkÀnd ansökan, det vill sÀga att Hexicons TLP förankringsteknik Àr nyskapande, innovativ och industriellt skalbar. Hexicons CTO Niklas Hummel glÀds Ät beskedet:
”Det hĂ€r patentet kommer ge oss bredare exklusivitet och sĂ€kerhet pĂ„ marknaden vilket gör att vi kan fortsĂ€tta utveckla en vĂ€lfungerande och konkurrenskraftig teknik i TwinWindℱ. Patent som detta ger oss den spjutspets vi behöver i den framvĂ€xande marknaden för flytande vind.”  
I och med EPO:s beslut fÄr Hexicon möjlighet att anskaffa validerade patent i de europeiska lÀnder bolaget vÀljer att patentet ska gÀlla för. I nulÀget Àr Hexicon framför allt intresserad av de 20+ lÀnder i Europa med kustlinje. Patentbeskedet ger Hexicon möjligheten att driva pÄ innovation och kommersialisering i dessa omrÄden, och Marcus Thor, VD för Hexicon, ser stor potential för bolaget pÄ den europeiska marknaden: 
”Att vĂ„r TLP förankring fĂ„r patent i Europa ger oss medvind att fortsĂ€tta med vĂ„ra planer för europeiska samarbeten. Det hĂ€r Ă€r lika goda nyheter för Hexicon som för alla europeiska lĂ€nder dĂ€r energibehovet Ă€r enormt.”  
Europas energibehov har ökat markant i och med det förÀndrade vÀrldslÀget och det finns en stor efterfrÄgan pÄ fossilfri energi som kan komma pÄ plats snabbt och i stor skala. Hexicons speciella förankringsteknik breddar möjligheterna för flytande vindkraftsparker pÄ djupa vatten, det reducerar dessutom fotavtrycket pÄ havsbotten dÄ förankringen kan anpassas utifrÄn olika bottentyper, havsmiljöer och vÀderförhÄllanden. Med den hÀr typen av förankring kan parkerna etableras pÄ havsomrÄden som annars inte lÀmpat sig för vindkraftsproduktion.