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Climate change has forced humanity to rethink our way of life and act on carbon emissions. At the same time, the geopolitical situation is redrawing the energy map globally. The climate and energy crisis are the main driving forces in the energy transition. We are now in the midst of an unprecedented electrification of society at large, with the traditional industries and the transport sector taking the lead. The demand for clean energy has never been greater – putting Hexicon in the eye of the storm. Hexicon is one of the few companies in the field of floating wind with more than a decade of experience. Originating from Swedish industrial tradition, Hexicon is taking a first-mover position to prove the potential of floating wind, and drive the development towards the future, beyond the horizon. 

“Today, only 0,2% of floating wind capacity is in operation worldwide. The potential is huge for this emerging market because 80% of the world’s offshore wind resources lies in waters deeper than 60 meters.”

Marcus Thor

CEO Hexicon


Hexicon demonstrates and proves the potential of floating wind as an early-stage project developer across the globe and a technology provider offering a unique floating wind design



Hexicon unlocks the full potential of floating wind across the globe to power a sustainable future



Hexicon is a fast-moving developer of floating wind with a global reach. Originating from Swedish design and industrial tradition, we have optimized the innovative TwinWind technology for world-wide deployment.



Hexicon believes that floating wind power will be pivotal in the transition of our energy system and the move towards an electrified society.


At Hexicon we have different experiences and backgrounds. Collaboration, coexistence, and innovation are what drives us, our development and teamwork. Together, we create a modern workplace based on freedom, responsibility, and diversity.

Jonna Holmgren

Head of Communication

Interested in joining our team? Reach out!

Nina Haskel

HR Manager

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